The Introduction

We empower people to become the next generation of Startup Entrepreneurs.

We provide a top of the range Coaching and Learning Experience.

Participants are armored with the essential skills that will embolden them to negotiate effectively and bring out an authentic Innovation Leadership style, manage their teams with agility, and negotiate effectively in a challenging business world.

Our Flagship Academy Programme starts in October 2020.

The Details

The Startup Programmes

The Startup Elevator™ Academy

Full soft skills bandwidth especially selected for startups. With our high intelligence personal growth toolbox you can build and embed new skills, competencies and behaviours to boost your success in business. Leadership, Communication, Sales, Negotiation, Pitching, Personal Branding and many more to select from. Training programmes designed from leading personalities of both Business and Learning world. All programmes support blended learning channels.

The Team Up™ Programme

Team Coaching is offered to startups in the Academy to lay the groundwork for a highly productive team that can communicate, cooperate, and innovate. Build a team that will carry your startup all the way to the top and implement an actionable strategy for ensuring that your team is fire-proof. Create harmony and workflow while functioning more efficiently within the team. And you can start slow — introducing small changes that foster growth and development.

The Standalone Programmes

Do you need to upgrade your personal competencies in just one skillset? The standalone programmes offered by The Startup Elevator™ can cover personal development needs on Leadership, Communication, Personal Branding, Pitching, Team engagement, Motivation, Innovation Management, Change Management, a.o. Sessions are announced on the mid-year Learning Plan and can also be set up according to total demand.

The Alumni

The Startup Elevator Club is a dynamic alumni with a multi-channel presence. A strong networking area with important startups that have already graduated from The Startup Elevator. Find your own real – life mentors, establish partnerships, share ideas and boost your business and personal growth.

There is more

The Skills Assessment

Do you know what you lack as a Startup? The Startup Elevator team can assess your team’s training needs (Training Needs Analysis). We can build together your tailor made Learning Programme according to your own plan, challenges and resources to help you grow and step out on the real business world.

The Corporate Responsibility Programmes

Our high quality Coaching & Learning Programmes are also available for Incubators, Accelerators, and Corporate Social Responsibility Events (Hackathons). Our aim is to cooperate with the numerous Startup Initiatives that are currently active in Greece in the context of providing bespoke Softskills Development Services and contribute to Startup growth.

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